Doula Mentorship Program


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One of the many ways the Georgia Birth Network serves it’s members is by offering a Mentorship Program for newer doulas. Through this program, the Georgia Birth Network mentors those individuals who are new to doula work and have chosen to become members of our organization. Our hope is to make the certification process as easy and affordable as possible while building skills and relationships that will strengthen doulas and the GBN. 

Mentorship Goals:

  • Assist doulas in the certification process.

  • Mentor new doulas through their first experiences with clients prenatally, during labor and the postpartum period.

  •  Offer feedback to the doulas in order to facilitate learning from their experiences and improving the care of the pregnant, birthing and postpartum woman.

  • Offer in-service training and advanced doula trainings for all doulas to continue the learning experience beyond the initial doula training workshop.

Program Benefits:

  • Continuing Education Workshops: Topical workshops are taught on an as-needed basis by the program director or other experienced members of the network or community.

  • Back-Up: Program assists with back-up arrangements for mentorship program participants.

  • Referrals: GBN will maintain your name on our referral list for clients.

  • Client Specific Information: including VBAC, Pre-eclampsia, Gestational Diabetes, etc.

  • Quarterly Meetings: GBN provides a different topic of birth related interest in order to expand our interests and keep us up to date on local birth trends.

  • Childbirth Education Classes: GBN provides a listing of local CBE classes that are open to observers for a reduced fee.

  • All participants in the mentorship program are permitted to state their affiliation with GBN.

  • Although it is not required, it is recommended that each doula in the mentorship program invite their mentor to at least one birth for evaluation.

Providing Partnership:

  • Mentoring – Each doula wishing to enter the mentorship program will fill out a mentorship registration form in addition to the general membership application. Mentors are a great asset in finding you births to attend with them or simply provide feedback and guidance on your own doula experiences. There is a lot to learn from those who have gone before you. The mentor is basically a friend who looks for experience opportunities for you and can help guide you along your new path.

  • Group Membership Discounts – Certifying organizations require dues and GBN has been able to provide group membership discounts to DONA International, should you choose them as your certifying organization.

How Do I Become a Part of the Mentor Program?

  • Be enrolled in a doula certification program & be seriously pursuing certification or experience.

  • Join GBN as an Advertiser Member. Please visit the Membership section of our site for instructions on how to do this.

  • Fill out Contact Sheet for Doula Mentorship Program.

  • Attend GBN meetings and take an active role.

  • Be of a flexible and teachable attitude and willing to learn.

  • Have internet access if at all possible (for the purpose of communication without phone and can be set up at local library and checked weekly).

Responsibilities of Program Participants:

  • Doulas in the mentorship program agree to take referrals from GBN.

  • Inform potential clients of your involvement with the GBN Doula Mentorship Program. Clients are welcome to contact GBN for any additional information or to ask questions about the program.

  • Maintain communication with the mentor doulas by phone or email at least once per month.

  • Doulas in the mentorship program should be available to back up another doula when needed – an essential component of good doula care.


To join the Mentorship Program, please click below to be directed to the application.

Current Doula Mentors

Sherri Wilkerson – CD(DONA)

I’ve been leading the Doula Mentorship Program of the Georgia Birth Network since January 2015. I love helping newly trained doulas channel their enthusiasm and passion toward becoming a respected, professional, certified doula.  I began my own doula career in 2011, and I also benefited from the Mentorship Program as a new doula.

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