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The Georgia Birth Network is a fantastic place to find support, community and tons of learning and networking opportunities for local birth professionals in the the Atlanta, Athens and Savannah areas. See the links below for all that we offer to our members and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. 

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Looking to be a part of a wonderful group of birth professionals, network, learn and just find great friends with people who share your vision in the birth community? Georgia Birth Network is accepting new members right now! Find out how to become part of this amazing group.


GBN members are encouraged to apply for GBN Scholarships which is given several times a year. If awarded, your scholarship can be put towards your birth carrer. Find out how to apply today!

Doula Mentorship Program

Are you a new doula or doula in training looking for guidance from seasoned professionals? Check out our Doula Mentorship Program and learn how to join. It’s open to all members of GBN!


See GBN’s Code of Ethics which each member must abide by in order to maintain membership.

Board of Directors

Meet your current Board of Directors and learn a bit about them.

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